Deduct work materials as advertising costs from your taxes (Arbeitsmittel)

After attending school for years, then undertaking a good education, and one day to be able to hold a certificate in which we qualify for the labor market - this is the usual way to start working life.

If you were able to show up with dull clothes when you were training or studying, then you are already a bit more civilized in your professional life. Or have you ever seen a banker in jogging pants? But not only the right work clothes is essential for a job, but also the appropriate equipment.

And that's what a bar of money costs. In most cases, the employer is responsible, but not always involved financially in the high expenditure. It's good that various job-related items can be deducted as income-related expenses in the tax return. How exactly this works, you will find out here.

What are any advertising costs?

Employee cost includes all the expenses that employees have to incur to pursue a job. This includes, for example, the daily commute to work, missions, training, expenses for work clothes or occupational insurance.

This means that acquisition and manufacturing costs, including sales tax, can be deducted in full from the tax, especially for work equipment in the year of acquisition. Per calendar year, the maximum limit of 410 euros (excluding VAT) applies. If the costs are above the maximum, then only the annual depreciation amount can be taken into account as income-related expenses.

What are work equipment?

Work equipment means all assets that are directly required for the completion of professional tasks. In terms of advertising costs, they thus contribute to the maintenance of revenue. As already mentioned, they are only sold in the calendar year in which they were purchased. More information can be found in our contribution to the " discharge principle ".

By the way: Not everything that is needed for the profession is also recognized by the tax office. The basic requirement is that it is clear whether the object is mostly used for the job. If this is not clear, the costs are sometimes split, which means that the entire amount can not be deducted from the tax (the best example of this is the laptop, which the administrator assumes will also be used for private purposes). , A suit is usually not considered.

These expenses can be stated in the tax return

  • briefcase
  • briefcase
  • Workwear such as dungarees etc.
  • professional books and magazines
  • Dictaphones
  • writing desk
  • desk lamp
  • Tools
  • proportionately laptop
  • office furniture
  • phone
  • fax
  • Accessories for the computer
  • ...

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