Submitting your tax declaration

Not everyone has to submit a tax declaration to their respective tax office. Normally, every one who wants to can do their tax return and submit it. There are various deadlines, that must be adhered to; otherwise, there could be consequences.

The main topics regarding tax declaration submission include:

Tax ID and tax number: The tax ID is a tax identification number. This sequence of numbers is assigned to a person permanently and nationwide. The tax number is assigned to a person by their respective tax office where your residence is located.

Who is required to submit a tax declaration? People whose:

  • tax office entered a wage tax allowance
  • received benefits that are subject to the provisio safeguarding progression
  • in the case of separated spouses, the training allowance, disability or survivor's lump sum for children is not divided 50/50
  • multiple incomes were submitted by multiple employers
  • Compensation was paid using the "one-fifth" method
  • compensation taxable capital gains that does not have a flat rate tax paid on it was entered
  • holiday compensation from the compensation fund was received from the construction industry
  • spouses that have chosen IV factor / IV factor
  • marriage of the employee during the assessment period was terminated by death or divorce
  • minimum pension plan is higher than pension costs
  • if there is additional income over € 410

Deadlines: those that have to submit a tax return have until 05/31 of the following year. The deadline for the 2018 tax year is 07/31/2019. People who voluntarily submit their tax return can do this up to 4 years retroactively.

Burden of proof: As of 01/01/2018, it is no longer necessary to send proof to the tax office. You are only required to retain your own documentation.

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